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Re-Upholstery Project " Lay-z-boy Recliner '

Hey guys,

Thanks for checking in with Uphold Designs, the finest upholstery studio located in the heart of the Dallas Design District and taking time to read our first post.

To begin, I would like to say that I admire great craftsmanship and its always a special honor to bring life to timeless furniture pieces especially when they are well built and designed to last forever as our custom furniture we create and make here at uphold designs.

Alright so lets jump right in!

Today I will discuss one of our special stand-out projects of the month, this 1970 edition LAY-Z-BOY recliner that we fully reupholstered, meaning we stripped it down to the bare bones and built it back up with new & improved materials while keeping the authenticity of the original design. Here is the Before & After of this timeless piece!

We were delighted to deconstruct this beautiful rocking chair made by Lay-z-boy, and we’re delighted to find the original label dated 11-15-1970. That is almost 49 years ago! Way to go LAY-Z-BOY.

When the recliner came into our studio, the first thing we did was deconstruct the entire chair down to the frame. From there we removed the exposed wood and stripped & sanded off the old finish to prep it for its new beautiful finish.

While we waited for the wood to cure and dry we tackled the guts of the chair. The springs or support system for the chair’s seat and back were in excellent condition, so we were able to salvage them but made sure they were secure and tight. Next, we started the upholstery process, I won’t bore you with all the details, but it included: We cut and shaped the foam for the seat cushion, the back cushion and the new layer of synthetic burlap. Added the new foam, plus a layer of cotton and we are ready to cut and trim the fabric down to the correct size of the seat and back. From there we sewed the fabric to precision to then stuff the cushions and upholster the new covers on to the frame. Once we had the chair partially upholstered we installed the finished wood arms back on to the upholstered frame and Finally pieced the chair all together!

The entire process took us two full nine-hour days to complete from start to finish. Not to mention, we had the fabric in stock, so we were able to start on it right away.

Some exciting news for Uphold Designs, in 2019 we have started to carry high-quality upholstery fabrics in our client’s most desirable neutral colors which enables us to have significantly quicker turn around times by providing the fabric in-house.

Keep in mind, choosing the right fabric is half the struggle when recovering a particular heirloom piece. You can have a great design and great bones but not having the right material can take away from the longevity and look of the furniture.